Day Without A Gay  
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The AP reports that Day Without a Gay participation was "Spotty." For that, we thank you. Thank you for not punishing 100% of America with an economic meltdown because of what just 52% of California did not understand on November 4th.

Our goal for December 10th was two-fold:

1. Keep the issue of Gay Civil Rights in the National Media.
Just Google "Day Without a Gay" and you'll see that on this front, we were a huge success. Gay teens across the country saw these stories in the media and knew that there was hope!


2. Lift the spirits of our community and country by fighting the hate and bigotry of anti-gay ballot initiatives with love and service.
And that’s exactly what you did.

People who volunteered, wrote letters to their senator, and came out to friends and family all over the world were impossible to ignore. That visibility is what is changing how America votes.

Thank-you for showing the world how positive, loving and selfless the gay community is with all of your hard work.

Send us a message about how you volunteered!
We’d love to see your pictures and video, and so would the news media. Send it to

Congratulations and big hugs,

Sean Hetherington and Aaron Hartzler

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